UIBScrs. central reservation system

Latest version:
2023 - Release 2.2

UIBScrs release notes

2023 - Release 2.2

March 06, 2023


New feature UIBScrs. Central reservation system - the highly anticipated 'Booking Window' functionality.

2023 - Release 2.1

March 06, 2023


New parameters on the link, seamlessly integrated with promotion IDs, to provide you with unparalleled tracking and analytics capabilities

2023 - Release 2.0

March 06, 2023


Set up or update availability restrictions for room types and rate plans in Rates and availability. A booking cutoff restriction specifies how many days a guest must book before they check-in at your property. This can eliminate same-day arrivals.

2023 - Release 1.0

February 20, 2023


With this enhancements users will be able to include or not the promotion with-in guest's stay period according to guest dates selection.

2022 - Release 1.9

October 17, 2022


The new reimagined Promotions feature on UIBScrs. v2022 release 1.9 offers a simplified and powerful limitless room-rate, restriction combination to allow revenue managers to publish deals in seconds.

Promotions run on a multi-property level offering the following trends and can be further configured and expanded to the exact property requirements:

  • Last-Minute
  • Early Booking Discount
  • Private Promotion – geared towards repeater guests
  • Limited time offers
  • Single Day - Black Friday, Cyber-Monday
  • Dedicated UIBScrm. group rate promo
  • Discount based on:




Booking value


  • Choose from new dynamic calendar the period or specific days with a single click
  • Dedicated Terms and Conditions displayed per promotion
  • Choose between pre-payment or Credit Card authentication payment policies

2022 - Release 1.8

September 21, 2022


A new feature is being rolled out that enables alerting hoteliers on abandoned or technical problems during credit card verification upon booking check-outs.

There are several “out-of-control” reasons for a failed booking delivery after check-out:

  • Credit Card clearing service may abandon transaction without issuing proper reason.
  • Lost Communication between clearing house and booking engine.
  • Technical issue on end user’s device especially in case of mobile data courier dependency (Non Wi-Fi)
  • End user may close browser or loose connection during Credit Card verification.

With the use of UIBScrs. pre-booking report and notification feature the hotelier will be receiving an automated alert with the guest details notifying that the booking was not completed successfully and will offer several online and offline options to book again depending on the issue.

2022 - Release 1.7

September 19, 2022


New functionality for setting up "minLOS", "maxLOS" and "exact stays" restrictions per day.

2022 - Release 1.6


As part of our ongoing feature optimization the new release includes settings enforcement for rate calculations.

  • For customers with previous versions they are advised to review the veracity and validate if these settings are enabled under RoomType Calculate all guests as adults.
  • If this setting is enabled with this Release the prices listed under HotelRoomRates for Children, Roll/Additional Childs and Infants will not be calculated.
  • If the setting is disabled prices for Children, Roll/Additional Childs and Infants will be calculated as expected.


2022 - Release 1.4

  • “Almost last room” notifies reservations that 2 rooms are left available

2022 - Release 1.3

  • Rearrange of columns in rooms and rates and rooms page
  • Select a period or day in Notifications page

2022 - Release 1.2

  • Enhanced notifications report with alerts for upcoming 120 days
  • Optimize availability and rates with One-Click Actionable link to the specific date of sold-out or almost sold-out, room-rate combination
  • Notification alerts are now available for:
    • Last room: when 1 room is left
    • Sold out room: when rooms become un-available
  • New filtering option for categories in Report
    • Type
    • Inventory
    • StatusDateRoom - Rate - Meal plan

2022 - Release 1

  • Global special offer
  • Common inventory linked rate pools
  • Changing sites from cms

2021 - Release 1

  • Archive business categories, rate groups, rate categories, hotel rates with the ability to revert back through the new setup page
  • Fix error messages on Rooms Open/close. If process failed, then a failed message will display in status page

2020 - Release 1

  • New reports based on YTD formula per Bookings, Revenue or Room nights.
  • Optimized “Rooms open/close” functionality

2019 - Release 2

  • New and useful report tiles on bookings page.
  • Optimized new grid to manage your bookings. Reduce time necessary to process actions and allows you to handle millions of bookings within a few seconds.
  • New functionality to close and open rooms with a single click

2019 - Release 1

  • New functionality to add minimum stay on room level
  • Dynamic event log: the log has been optimized to show exactly the events and updates during the interaction with UIBScrs.

2018 - Release 1

  • New security role for online check-in administrator
  • New dedicate department level for online check-in
  • More prominent modify your search during searching and checkout process.
  • Full price breakdown during checkout process which includes totals, vat, service charge and fees
  • Restrictions on date selection for speed performance

2017 - Release 2

  • Book multiple rooms from multiple hotels in a group site
  • Book different periods
  • Amend dates during checkout for any room choice option
  • Amend meal plans for any room option
  • Upgrade any room to the next available before checking out
  • Instant forgot password during checkout page

2017 - Release 1

  • New menu tab for clearing service with failed payments and bookings
  • Unified rates, quickly update your room rates and availability with our easy to use inventory grid.
  • Automatic email lookups during checkout process
  • Custom links for the group rates packages
  • Enable multiple options for deposits.

2016 - Release 1

  • UIBScrs can now offer Guests their reservation history from the Theova PMS records
  • UIBScrs now includes the online check-in module which allows guests to complete their online check in via the front end which will offer faster check-ins at the hotel since the Theova PMS will have all the updated information.
  • The online check-in can be used for Web Bookings, OTA Bookings, Agent Bookings e.g bookings made in booking.com, Expedia, hotels.com etc
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Daily Email Notifications service for Hotel reservations.
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Weekly Email Notifications service for Hotel reservations.
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Monthly Email Notifications service for Hotel reservations.
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Rooms Availability email which can be modified e.g remaining rooms if less than a 2
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Rate Availability expiration email which can be modified e.g. Rate expires in 7 days
  • Roll Adult extended calculation is implemented
  • New email addressed page for managing email addresses

2015 - Release 1

  • Hotel Closed Dates message field length has been increased up to 500 chars.
  • Hotel Closed Dates message now uses rich text editor for editing the text.
  • Failed Payments/Bookings. Online failed transactions are now emailed and captured under Central Reservations section.
  • UI (User Interface) improvements when selecting rates, rooms or meal plans.
  • Meal plans description field can now be edited using the rich text editor.
  • Meal plans description is now multilingual.
  • Meal plans types now accept validations (min nights)
  • The Bookings report (CRS > Hotel Bookings) now includes number of nights. When viewing the booking totals grid at the bottom, a new row is added showing the number of nights.
  • Alerts (emails) functionality is now added in ADMIN which emails-alerts the CRS manager when the last room is booked. A new tile (unread alerts) will appear in the CRS dashboard showing the today's unread alerts *Changes are required in the Front end for this to be activated.
  • UIBScrs has been optimized to offer better content management in terms of speed.
  • UIBScrs can now connect to Theova PMS and retrieve past, future or in house reservations.

2014 - Release 2.1

  • The dashboard now shows correct data when "All Hotels" is selected.
  • Inbox can now be filtered by Hotel, and the Hotel Name is included in the list when "All Hotels" is selected.
  • Notifications can now be filtered by Hotel, and the Hotel Name is included in the list when "All Hotels" is selected.
  • The Booking report (when you open a Booking from the Bookings page) now includes the Hotel Name and Meal prices.

2014 - Release 2

  • The Hotel selection menu now includes an "All Hotels" option for Hotel Groups.
  • NEW Hotel Rate Discount types added - "Nights (Room)" and "% (Room)" for discounting Room prices only (i.e. not including Meal prices).

2014 - Release 1

  • In Rooms and Rates, there is now a Meal Plans preview for the selected Hotel Room Type and Hotel Rate.
  • In Meal Plans, there is now a preview panel for showing what Meal Plans are available for different Hotel Room Types and Hotel Rates.