UIBScrs. central reservation system

Latest version:
2022 - Release 1

UIBScrs release notes

2022 - Release 1.4

  • “Almost last room” notifies reservations that 2 rooms are left available

2022 - Release 1.3

  • Rearrange of columns in rooms and rates and rooms page
  • Select a period or day in Notifications page

2022 - Release 1.2

  • Enhanced notifications report with alerts for upcoming 120 days
  • Optimize availability and rates with One-Click Actionable link to the specific date of sold-out or almost sold-out, room-rate combination
  • New filtering option for categories in Report

2022 - Release 1

  • Global special offer
  • Common inventory linked rate pools

2021 - Release 2

  • Archive business categories, rate groups, rate categories, hotel rates with the ability to revert back through the new setup page
  • Fix error messages on Rooms Open/close. If process failed, then a failed message will display in status page 


2021 - Release 1

  • SMS campaigns through UIBSces integrated with UIBScrm.
  • Included new tile for SMS tracking on Guest profiles.


2020 - Release 1

  • New reports based on YTD formula per Bookings, Revenue or Room nights.
  • Optimized “Rooms open/close” functionality


2019 - Release 2

  • New and useful report tiles on bookings page.
  • Optimized new grid to manage your bookings. Reduce time necessary to process actions and allows you to handle millions of bookings within a few seconds.
  • New functionality to close and open rooms with a single click


2019 - Release 1

  • New functionality to add minimum stay on room level
  • Dynamic event log: the log has been optimized to show exactly the events and updates during the interaction with UIBScrs.


2018 - Release 1

  • New security role for online check-in administrator
  • New dedicate department level for online check-in
  • More prominent modify your search during searching and checkout process.
  • Full price breakdown during checkout process which includes totals, vat, service charge and fees
  • Restrictions on date selection for speed performance


2017 - Release 2

  • Book multiple rooms from multiple hotels in a group site
  • Book different periods
  • Amend dates during checkout for any room choice option
  • Amend meal plans for any room option
  • Upgrade any room to the next available before checking out
  • Instant forgot password during checkout page


2017 - Release 1

  • New menu tab for clearing service with failed payments and bookings
  • Unified rates, quickly update your room rates and availability with our easy to use inventory grid.
  • Automatic email lookups during checkout process
  • Custom links for the group rates packages
  • Enable multiple options for deposits.


2016 - Release 1

  • UIBScrs can now offer Guests their reservation history from the Theova PMS records
  • UIBScrs now includes the online check-in module which allows guests to complete their online check in via the front end which will offer faster check-ins at the hotel since the Theova PMS will have all the updated information.
  • The online check-in can be used for Web Bookings, OTA Bookings, Agent Bookings e.g bookings made in booking.com, Expedia, hotels.com etc
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Daily Email Notifications service for Hotel reservations.
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Weekly Email Notifications service for Hotel reservations.
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Monthly Email Notifications service for Hotel reservations.
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Rooms Availability email which can be modified e.g remaining rooms if less than a 2
  • UIBScrs Alerts - Rate Availability expiration email which can be modified e.g. Rate expires in 7 days
  • Roll Adult extended calculation is implemented
  • New email addressed page for managing email addresses


2015 - Release 1

  • Hotel Closed Dates message field length has been increased up to 500 chars.
  • Hotel Closed Dates message now uses rich text editor for editing the text.
  • Failed Payments/Bookings. Online failed transactions are now emailed and captured under Central Reservations section.
  • UI (User Interface) improvements when selecting rates, rooms or meal plans.
  • Meal plans description field can now be edited using the rich text editor.
  • Meal plans description is now multilingual.
  • Meal plans types now accept validations (min nights)
  • The Bookings report (CRS > Hotel Bookings) now includes number of nights. When viewing the booking totals grid at the bottom, a new row is added showing the number of nights.
  • Alerts (emails) functionality is now added in ADMIN which emails-alerts the CRS manager when the last room is booked. A new tile (unread alerts) will appear in the CRS dashboard showing the today's unread alerts *Changes are required in the Front end for this to be activated.
  • UIBScrs has been optimized to offer better content management in terms of speed.
  • UIBScrs can now connect to Theova PMS and retrieve past, future or in house reservations.


2014 - Release 3

  • The dashboard now shows correct data when "All Hotels" is selected.
  • Inbox can now be filtered by Hotel, and the Hotel Name is included in the list when "All Hotels" is selected.
  • Notifications can now be filtered by Hotel, and the Hotel Name is included in the list when "All Hotels" is selected.
  • The Booking report (when you open a Booking from the Bookings page) now includes the Hotel Name and Meal prices.


2014 - Release 2

  • The Hotel selection menu now includes an "All Hotels" option for Hotel Groups.
  • NEW Hotel Rate Discount types added - "Nights (Room)" and "% (Room)" for discounting Room prices only (i.e. not including Meal prices).


2014 - Release 1

  • In Rooms and Rates, there is now a Meal Plans preview for the selected Hotel Room Type and Hotel Rate.
  • In Meal Plans, there is now a preview panel for showing what Meal Plans are available for different Hotel Room Types and Hotel Rates.