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Circle Cloud Partner

UIBScloud is a joined partnership with Microsoft, to provide solutions on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. Together we deliver the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). For years, UIBScloud and Microsoft Azure have been recognized as a leading managed service provider of hybrid cloud solutions. UIBS is the first multinational cloud provider in the region with active gold hosting, cloud platform and cloud productivity Microsoft Partner Competencies and is continuing to expand to new regions around the globe.

UIBScloud supports any operating system, language, tool, and framework— from Windows to Linux, SQL Server to Oracle, C# to Java. It puts the best of Windows and Linux ecosystems at your fingertips, so you can build great applications and services that work with every device.

You can download our Circle Cloud Partner Brochure for more information.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Network commitment

Managed IT Service Solution

Microsoft Azure Network Commitment is a “Managed Service Solution” provided by UIBS to a third party that consists of the administration of and support for Microsoft Azure Services. UiBS in combination with its Annual Support Maintenance Agreement offers this services identified as “Microsoft Azure Network Commitment ” as one or more of the Microsoft Azure services and features identified at, or its successor site, except where identified as licensed separately.

Windows Azure Backup

Windows Azure Backup

Simple & reliable backup

Windows Azure Backup helps protect server data against loss and corruption by enabling backup to offsite cloud storage in Windows Azure. By extending Windows Server Backup and Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager, Windows Azure Backup enables you to use familiar tools to configure, monitor, and manage backups to the cloud similarly to how you backup to local media.

For organizations of any size looking for cloud-based backup, Windows Azure Backup provides an easy-to-use solution that’s scalable, reliable, and supported by enterprise-class cloud storage. From a single-server organization to enterprises using System Center Data Protection Manager, Windows Azure Backup easily integrates with different infrastructures, reducing the complexity of data backup and eliminating the need for additional training.

Windows Azure Backup benefits:

  • Reliable offsite data protection
  • A simple integrated solution
  • Efficient backup and recovery

You can download the Windows Azure Backup Brochure for further information.

Azure Arc.

Secure, develop, and operate workloads with Azure services anywhere

Azure Arc is a bridge that extends the Azure platform to your environments

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Azure AI search

Data ingestion

Automatically upload data from a wide range of supported Azure and third-party sources.

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Azure App Service

Improve developer productivity

Let developers focus on developing great software without worrying about hardware using pre-coded application components.

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Azure Spring Apps

Get advanced Spring runtime support

Azure Spring Apps Enterprise includes VMware Spring Runtime support, providing world-class 24/7 support, exclusive access to packaged versions of popular projects designed for enterprise usage, and long-term support after OSS end-of-life, so you can update applications at your own pace.

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Azure DevOps

Azure Test Plans

Manual and exploratory testing

Test often and release with confidence. Improve your overall code quality with manual and exploratory DevOps testing tools for your apps.

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Azure IoT Central

Evaluate your IoT project with Azure IoT Central

Get started using a ready-made web experience and API surface for IoT solution development. Manage devices at scale using the job scheduler. Store data over a 30-day window, visualizing in custom dashboarding and data exploration experiences. Define rules to trigger business flows, send IoT data to other services using data export, and programmatically access Azure IoT Central using its public REST API.

Develop cloud-native apps

Innovate anywhere with Azure

Build, manage, and secure apps on any Kubernetes platform and use existing tools such as GitHub with consistent APIs.

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Gain data insights

Innovate anywhere with Azure

Accelerate app innovation, improve operations with AI and machine learning, and deploy SQL and PostgreSQL on any cloud.

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Secure and govern resources

Innovate anywhere with Azure

Enhance multicloud security and compliance with cloud-based threat detection and response, security patches, and policies.

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Ensure compliance and latency

Innovate anywhere with Azure

Meet data residency needs with a range of infrastructure options and simplify edge computing for low-latency apps.

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