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Why integrate with us?

UIBS is an award winning guest acquisition platform trusted by thousands of
hoteliers and property owners, across 150 countries to help them acquire guests online.

Everything hoteliers need to acquire guests online

Across five pillars, we make attracting and retaining guests easy. Through our Channel manager, Booking engine, Hotel website design, Hotel business insights and the Global Distribution System, we empower hoteliers to unleash their potential.

Unlock the data you need to succeed

UIBS makes it easy for hotels to connect to the systems they want to work with, ensuring you always have access to the most up-to-date data from the hotel.

We provide everything your customers need to acquire guests online

A great experience doesn’t have to be exclusive to guests.

With UIBS, your customers have access to a complete and seamless experience managing their guest acquisition strategy online, giving them more time to delight the guests we bring.