Product Map

Old Name New Name
UiBScms Content management system UIBScms content management system
- UIBSbe booking engine
UiBScrs cloud reservation system UIBS central reservation system
- UIBScrs agents reservations quotation system
UiBScrs integrated spa shopping cart module UIBScommerce e-commerce system
UiBSevent event management system UIBSevent event management system
UiBSopentable restaurant table booking system UIBSopentable restaurant table booking system
UiBS JCC internet integration module UIBSclearing and JCC payment gateway
UiBSintegrate channel management system -
UiBSgrm guest relationship management UIBScrm customer relationship management
UiBSinbox email marketing & reporting solution UIBSces customer engagement system
UiBSsurvey UIBSrepute survey system
- UIBScrm advanced luxury hotel extension
UiBSloyalty System UIBScrm loyalty system
- UIBScrm GDPR module
UiBSpms property management system UIBSprems property management system
- UIBScrm email delivery engine
- PowerBI and Analytics reports