Application platform - Line of business platform

Create faster, more responsive solutions for your business challenges.

Find an easier way for employees to search and access vast amounts of electronic data-without straining IT resources. Build on the innovative capabilities of Microsoft Services and decrease the downtime, complexity, cost, and time it takes to manage and access data. Maximize your application infrastructure for data management by:

Integrating systems for easy storage, management, and search across various applications.
Establishing administration automation and business intelligence tools that enhance data security and real-time response to critical business information and opportunities.
Reducing IT maintenance and ownership costs and protecting intellectual property.

Line-of-Business Platform Offerings:

  • Application Deployment Service for SAP
  • Application Replatforming Service for SAP
  • Consolidation, Virtualization, and Management Services for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Migration Service for Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Upgrade Service for Microsoft SQL Server 2016