Product Guidance

Guidance for build-in features and troubleshooting

Bug Reports

Bug confirmation and suggest workarounds.

New Feature Requests

Developing new solutions by our Professional Services

Maintenance Support Policy

Our continuous product support and enhancement policy, ensures that all client requirements are met and maintained through either our product guidance, bug reports or new feature requests.

The support team at UIBS provides continuous assistance to clients in troubleshooting, identifying and resolving problems that arise during the operation of a system. Experts in operating UIBS systems and applications, help users through one of the following services:

  • Incident tracking system
  • Remote web assistance
  • Help desk phone support
  • On-site visits.

Automated Server Side Tools both on the software and hardware level are keeping our support team informed to proactively support unexpected system errors.

For customers with 24/7 maintenance contracts we offer online, phone support. All calls are monitored and recorded and our online quality management maintenance and support system at gives our customers real time update on the status of their inquiry with a unique traceable inquiries id number.

For new requests and enhancements we follow a full project MSF Microsoft Software Framework cycle and all new releases are tested thoroughly prior to releasing them in a live production environment. All new requests and their time of delivery are managed and tracked through online system. The new feature enhancements are included in the maintenance cycle with a maintenance fee of 18% of the total cost of the enhancement module.

Product Guidance

What is included

Guidance for built-in features
UIBS support service provides guidance and explanation for built-in features of the products. We provide clients with references to existing resources and samples to demonstrate the intended use of the product regarding a particular case. We also provide information on a proper configuration of the product and the accompanying UIBS products.

 We are dedicated to assisting in diagnosing and troubleshooting warnings, errors and exceptions within the UIBS products, and within that is entirely generated by UIBS products.

What is not included

Custom Implementations
Client issues with products which are not setup in accordance with the official documentation and system requirements are considered outside of the scope of the support service. We may propose our best practices approaches, and offer clients advice based on general knowledge. However, additional assistance falls within the scope of professional consulting that can be provided by our Professional Services.

Complete Implementations
The support service also does not cover providing a custom implementation for clients based on use case scenarios. Delivering full implementation and integration with the customer’s environment or third party products and tools based on specifications or wireframes is also considered in the scope of Professional Services. The same applies to guidance related to the implementation of application security or user authentication unless the task is directly related to existing security features of the UIBS products. Professional Services also provide assistance related to general development tasks, general programming knowledge, and platform or third-party framework-specific limitations, in the cases when the task, knowledge or limitation would still be applicable even when not using UIBS products.

Bug Reports

What is included

Bug Confirmation
UIBS support service covers diagnosing and confirming bugs that appear to be in UIBS products, that is entirely created by UIBS United Business Solutions Limited. In the process of investigating reports, we may request that clients isolate the issue in a screenshot sample or website snippets and provide us with additional information such as steps to reproduce it.

We are committed to suggesting workarounds, when available, for confirmed product bugs. Where possible, we also provide information on releases containing a fix for a bug or an implemented feature request. We facilitate clients’ access to our support portal and provide guidance to logging feature requests on the support portal.

What is not included

New Feature Implementations
The support service does not cover providing an alternative solution for a feature request or customer requirement that differs from the built-in behavior of a product. We may provide assistance in the form of best practices guidance and suggestions on how to approach similar scenarios. However, developing solutions for functionality that differs from the built-in behavior of a product falls within the scope of professional consulting and software development that can be provided by our Professional Services on a daily labor rate.

External Bugs
Debugging customers’ or third-party programs and addressing issues that derive from external APIs is a separate service available in the form of a professional consulting and software development and is provided through our Professional Services on a daily labor rate.

New Feature Implementations

What is included

Developing solutions for functionality that differs from the built-in behavior of a product falls within the scope of professional consulting and software development that can be provided by our Professional Services on a daily labor rate.