Analysis, design, development, implementation & administration of complete IT solution for businesses

Consulting involves the analysis, design, development, implementation and administration of a complete information technology solution for your business.

We employ and outsource people with strong academic and experienced background who then undergo further advanced training. Our strong relations with international industry technology leaders in conjunction with our HR expertise have accredited us as Certified Partner with many leading providers.

Initially accurate and professional design of systems architecture, execution, and project management services can save trouble and money long term for all types of business integration projects. Realizing this, UIBS United Business Solutions has developed consulting plans that help you integrate technical infrastructure, application software, operational and business support systems, supply chains, and networks while ensuring the continuity of existing systems, processes and data.

Among the services that we offer are:

Business Application Consulting
  • Blueprinting, design and Implementation of business processes
  • Setup and configuration of business application solutions
  • Implementation and application documentation
  • User training
  • User support
  • System maintenance, updates, upgrades
Network Communication
  • Design and Implementation of Network Communication platforms (i.e. Routers, wireless LANs, MPLS VPNs and WANs)
  • Setup and configuration of Internet Servers (e-mail, Web, Proxy, DNS)
  • Enterprise Protection (anti-spam and antiviral applications with firewall integration)