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Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Relationship management solutions

Successful organizations today need the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to help them drive their key business processes, make smarter and faster decisions, and ensure they make the most of their assets and resources.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides these capabilities in organizations as small as a few employees starting a new venture to organizations spread across the    world — for companies with just one server full of information, to operations tied in with the home office enterprise ERP standard.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best ERP solution that fits the needs of any organization and help deliver superior results.


When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), communication is key. The ideal CRM solution should streamline the way people communicate with clients and collaborate with each other. The more comfortable they are with the tools, the more effective they will be at their jobs.
With Microsoft Dynamics CRM's powerful capabilities, like workflow automation and analytics, sales, marketing, and service staff can easily share information and route tasks to provide a seamless customer experience.


Boost Productivity

Transform business operations

Work seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 applications you already use, such as Outlook, Excel, and Teams, reducing data entry and switching between applications.

Automate and Impove processes

Transform business operation

Use next-generation AI and automated workflows to streamline processes, speed up tasks, and make better decisions.

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Get-world-class security and compliance

Transform business operations

Protect your data while maintaining regulatory compliance with world-class identity protection, role-based access, and encryption.

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Make data-driven decisions

Transform business operations

Remove data silos and access business intelligence with real-time dashboards, flexible reports, and KPIs for each role.

Control financial data

Improve financial performance 

Remove data silos and access business intelligence with real-time dashboards, flexible reports, and KPIs for each role.

Forest cash flow

Improve financial performance

Create accurate cash-flow projections using AI to analyze the financial position of your business.

Enhance financial performance

Improve financial performance

Make more profitable decisions with robust reporting, ad-hoc analysis on any data using analysis mode, and connections to Excel and Microsoft Power BI.

Expand into global markets

Improve into global markets

Support multiple currencies, languages, exchange rates, consolidations, intercompany transactions, and tax regulations.

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Surface high-value opportunities

Boost sales and service

Keep track of customer interactions and get guidance on the best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities.

Accelerate sales processes

Boost sales and service

Take better care of customers by managing the entire sales process from within Outlook and deliver better outcomes with connected service operations.

Deliver exceptional service

Boost sales and cervice

Transition smoothly from sales to service, track customer returns and repairs, and manage service agreements to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Elevate your customer journey

Boost sales and service

Improve your customer experience by connecting with Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service.

Improve project costing

Facilitate project success

Better manage projects using timesheets and advanced job costing and reporting. Develop and modify detailed budgets to enhance project profitability.

Optimize resource levels

Facilitate project success

Manage resource utilization by planning capacity and sales. Track customer invoicing against planned or actual costs.

Drive project profitability

Facilitate project success

Get real-time business intelligence on project status, profitability, and resource-utilization metrics.

Enhhance team productivity

Facilitate project success

Enable employees to do their best work with role-based access, and foster collaboration by sharing links to projects directly in Microsoft Teams.

Drive supply chain optimization

Optimize supply chain management

Improve your supply chain with vendor management, purchasing, e-commerce with Shopify, order fulfillment, and returns.

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Manage manufacturing

Optimize supply chain management

Optimize manufacturing outputs, even in agile and complex environments, with detailed bills of materials, assembly-to-order support, and production orders.

Improve inventory management

Optimize supply chain management

Replenish inventory based on actuals, demand, and availability using AI-powered sales and inventory forecasting.

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Optimize warehouse management

Optimize supply chain management 

Improve organization within your storage facilities and manage inventory with an easy pick-and-put-away process supported by bar-code scanners.