About UIBS

UIBS United Business Solutions is a leader in Microsoft® licensing, architecture, deployment, development,  infrastructure and distribution of enterprise and mid-sized cloud solutions. UIBS, provides business technology solutions, cloud and managed services for the Shipping, Hospitality, Financial, Real Estate and Business Sector. From Microsoft® licensing services through architecture, deployment, software development and distribution of unified communications to enterprise and mid-sized public and private cloud solutions, UIBS has shown proven real world expertise with worldwide reach in the past decade.

Enterprise Software Development

UIBS develops proprietary software products using the Microsoft® .NET framework. The company’s team of highly skilled developers uses leading-edge tools to produce custom solutions and software packages. The team is comprised of Microsoft® Certified Professionals including MCAD (Microsoft® Certified Application Designers) and a number of specialists including Systems Administrators, Systems Engineers, Software Developers and Trainers.

Cloud and Web Development

In addition to software development, UIBS cloud development and design expertise drive the delivery of exciting, effective web design that takes advantage of the latest technology practices. The company has created and implemented solutions for a variety of applications, data-driven sites and other business endeavors, and prides itself on producing sophisticated visual solutions and user interface designs that are intuitive, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

UIBS Microsoft® Managed IT Services

UIBS Managed Microsoft® IT Services enables organizations to further reduce costs and improve efficiencies and can provide superior Microsoft® Infrastructure and Application outsourcing.

Monitoring, controlling, predicting and reporting

Monitoring, controlling, predicting and reporting on the following Microsoft® technologies and applications

Managed Microsoft® Services

A capability to deliver the following management functions across all Managed Microsoft® Services

Strategic Partnerships

UiBS maintains the following active partnerships within its sector