UIBScrs central reservations

Multiple Room Searches

Sell up to 3 rooms to your customers with a range of booking options for each combination. Set different rate profiles for direct customers and tr...

Real Time Stats

UIBS’s hotel booking system allows you to view and analyse your customer behaviour and bookings, using custom metrics and google analytics r...

Online Survey

Engage survey for your customers. Helping to promote repeat visits and encourage word of mouth referrals. Fully customisable pre-arrival and post-...

Customer Relationship

Keep guests engaged from the moment they book with you, and beyond. Complete your guests’ experience with automatic confirmation, pre and p...

Direct booking
A clear path to booking

  • UIBS's direct booking engine will allow you to sell your rooms through your own website and third party sites your hotel is listed on.
  • A smooth booking process that ensures guests can book as quickly and easily as possible. A confirmed reservation is only a few clicks away.
  • A secure PCI compliant booking engine and one click booking page will secure guest payment details to get you paid fast.
  • Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, UIBS technology makes it as simple as possible for your potential guests to learn about your property and make a reservation with you.
Full customisation to your hotel website brand. Your colors, your photos, your identity, your website.

Unified Rates
Quick and Easy

  • Quickly update your room rates and availability with our easy to use inventory grid. Our bulk upload feature makes it easy for you to plan and apply rate changes, hot deals, and stop sells across all of your rooms up to a year in advance.
  • One easy-to-use dashboard for managing all of your guest reservations, from the moment they make a booking, to when they check in and check out.
  • UIBScrs is based in the ‘cloud’ meaning you can log in from anywhere via the internet. Whether you’re using a laptop at home, an iPad or your smartphone, UIBScrs gives you unprecedented access in order to control and run your property.
Modern hotel booking engines support integration with channel managers and front desk systems.

Power BI
Experience your data

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables:

  • Fast and easy access to your data
  • A live 360º view of your business
  • Data discovery and exploration
  • Insights from any device
  • Data visualization & analyzation
  • Collaboration across your organization
Draw reports on just about everything – best performing booking sites, occupancy rates, promotions and so much more.

Unique & Authentic

Full customisation to your hotel website brand. Your colors, your photos, your identity, your website.