Discover how we're helping the automotive industry transform to win tomorrow’s customer.

Driving new experiences

The concept of what a car is for is drastically changing. The convergence of four megatrends electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and the sharing economy is revolutionizing today’s automotive businesses. Each one of these trends is powerful on its own, but the combination of all four is profoundly disruptive and creating the need for change.

Most popular automotive products powered by UIBS

UIBScms content management

UIBScms. content management

Keep your content fresh and up-to-date

A cloud ready solution allows content editing, document and image publishing without any special IT or programming skills.

Keep your content fresh and up-to-date by placing the business people that drive your company in charge of its content through role based functions

  • Cloud ready solution
  • Rich image editor
  • Multilingual
  • Custom metadata

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UIBScrm customer relationship

UIBScrm. customer relationship

Enhance your customer's experience

Improve your profitability with UIBScrm. cloud-based system. Maximize guest retention, guest loyalty and guest value. With a 360-degree view of your guest and corporate relationships, you will be able to drive incremental bookings and potential guests to your website while improving guest retention and recognition.

Enhance their experience. Send a welcome message before arrival, recommending tips for the local tourist attractions and drop them a personalised message after their stay thanking them for their stay by integrating with UIBSrepute.

  • Email marketing campaign
  • Triggered e-communications
  • Guest satisfaction program
  • Guest recognition

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UIBSces customer engagement

UIBSces. customer engagement

Increase your customer base

Direct e-mail marketing and increase your customer base. Superior deliver-ability.

Boost sales using targeted marketing mailings. Focus your efforts on results and grow your business.

  • Direct e-mail marketing
  • Reporting & tracking
  • Custom design
  • Targeted mailings

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UIBScommerce shopping

UIBScommerce. shopping

Online shop to manage your orders

Build your own online shop and manage your orders quick and easily.

  • Add, update and manage products easily
  • Transform static forms to dynamic commerce items for more efficient segmentation
  • Data, dashboards and reporting

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