10 new features to support Covid19 re-openings


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Build loyal relationships by recognizing, preparing for and servicing your clients.
Feature 1: UIBScms

Feature 1: UIBScms

Update your content

Customer experience is your priority. It always starts online.

  • Create health and safety section. Make your messaging related to Covid-19 clear and consistent.
  • Pop up alert. Your digital presence must have clear information for any potential guests or customers.
  • Create Covid-19 FAQ page to get your message out there. Outline all of the precautionary measures your property/company is taking.
  • Daily update of your front banner related to covid-19 news.
  • Publish fresh and relevant content about your property / business / destination: new experiences safe for guest/customers, great places, beaches, nature, food etc. Create content that comforts instead of panics your guests.
Feature 2: UIBScrm

Feature 2: UIBScrm

Remember your clients

  • Enable guest’s GDPR health and safety online profile confirmations adding new policy for the last time they have been checked for covid-19.
  • Add a covid-19 section prior to check in that unless certain parameters are not met you will not be able to check-in and a message will be sent for further processing. (part of online check in)
  • Add custom fields and lists on guest’s profiles with special preferences based on property’s policy (leave in-room service delivery outside the door, special laundry service for disinfecting guest clothes etc. )
Feature 3: UIBSces

Feature 3: UIBSces

Communicate with your clients

Take a proactive approach and engage with your clients.

New! Now supporting SMS campaigns.

  • Set up an email or SMS newsletter and ask guests / customers to subscribe and engage on your call for action landing pages on your website or social channels, so you can share current information and market future promotions.
  • Share related to covid-19 news.
  • Share fan engaging content and tips.
  • Focus on your existing customers, plan an e-mail campaign that’s focused on how excited you are to see them again soon.
Feature 4: UIBSbe & UIBScrs

Feature 4: UIBSbe & UIBScrs

Flexible services

Create flexible cancellation policies and promotion opportunities emplacing on the cancellation policy per room or rate due to covid-19 incidents.

Feature 5: UIBScommerce

Feature 5: UIBScommerce

Extend client experience

Do you have any services you wish to sell online? Online book for a spa session, treatments, experiences.

Feature 6: UIBSclearing

Feature 6: UIBSclearing

Safe payments

New payment terms, customize deposit features based on periods for specific rates and rooms. This new feature will enable your property to set specific payment policies due to covid -19 special payment terms.

Feature 7: Pre-online check in

Feature 7: Pre-online check in

Safe distance

Minimize long waiting lines and human interaction on the reservation desk. Enable online check-in to reduce your guest waiting and interacting with front-desk.

Feature 8: UIBSrepute

Feature 8: UIBSrepute

Information comes first

  • Send customized surveys prior to their arrival (restaurant or hotel) to collect information for their latest covid-19 checkup, if they have symptoms, if they visited another country etc.
  • Improve your online reviews strategy by sending to your guests / customers relevant questionnaires.
Feature 9: UIBStable

Feature 9: UIBStable

Real time availability

Conform to the Government policy for restaurant reservations prior to your guests arrival. Enable Facebook and website online reservations with real time availability.

Feature 10: QR-Code

Feature 10: QR-Code

For restaurant, bar or spa menus

Avoid waiting paper with one time menu printouts.

Paper menus and distribution of leather binded menus as well as their cleaning and maintenance can be a demanding project.

Upload your restaurant, bar or spa menu using UIBScms and link with QR-Code to a sign on any table restaurant window, door or holding stand at the reception. This will enable your guests to point to the QR-Code and browse through your menus, wine lists or SPA menus using their own digital device, mobile or tablet thus enabling a healthier approach from single paper use distribution.

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