Digital enterprise

Delivering the digital enterprise, step-by-step, with Microsoft.

Empower your employees

Transforming digital operations for a better employee experience

Optimize your operations

Modernise your organisation to save and scale.
Cloud apps

Cloud apps

UIBS will determine the right strategy to leverage current and emerging technologies for your organization. With an ever-growing range of cloud and infrastructure services available on the market, UIBS provides assessment, discovery, evaluation, planning and change management services. Our services focus on return on investment and future requirements, to ensure the correct choices are made.


UIBS saves IT expenditures by streamlining and scaling the IT infrastructure by moving some workloads or all, to the cloud. Our team specializes in Microsoft technologies.

Office 365

We enable organisations to implement, adopt and drive value from Office 365. We support the entire range of Office 365 services including SharePoint, Teams and Flow.

Application Management Services

UIBS’s Application Management Services establish over 20 years ago, enables companies  to more efficiently operate business applications and to focus on shareholders core business objectives. We support a wide range of off-the-shelf, bespoke and legacy applications.

Application Development

UIBS offers a range of custom application development services based on the Microsoft Platform. We adapt to customer requirements, both in terms of technology and approach.


Enable your Business with Microsoft Dynamics

We are Microsoft Dynamics experts with over 20 years’ experience delivering Microsoft ERP and CRM solutions. We support organisations with new implementations and upgrades, project recovery and ongoing support.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

We are a leading Dynamic 365 Business Central partner. Offering a wide range of services to support your Journey with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. We have a dedicated team of Dynamics consultants that specialise in implementing Business Central quickly.

Next Steps for Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV is going out of mainstream support with most versions no longer supported by Microsoft. Discover what this means for your organisation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest suite of business applications. Dynamics 365 is a modular solution that allows you to easily extend your capability and connect your business systems. It is primarily a cloud based solution but some apps are available in a hybrid or on-premise option.

As standard you get access to PowerApps, Power BI and Flow, these provide you with advanced analytics, code free apps using your data and automated workflows. They allow you to drive efficiencies across your business.
Data and AI

Data and AI

Unlock the potential of your data

At UIBS, we are focus our expertise in extracting business value from data to make sense of the large quantity of datasets in your organization. Based on latest Microsoft technologies our services will support you to embrace descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics of you data. In order to do more with data your organization needs strong data foundations, based on accurate and accessible data.

Data as a Service

Given the speed of change and the ever-increasing business demand to make use of emerging technologies and the newest data sets, it can be daunting to know how to build these capabilities into your business.

As well as standalone projects, UIBS offers its data capabilities as an affordable monthly service, enabling your organisation to benefit from a pool of flexible technical resources. UIBS's data expertise ranges from Data Scientists and Data Engineers to BI Consultants, so whether you are looking to tidy up your data one month or adopt advanced AI (artificial intelligence) another month, UIBS will support you.

Data Storage Analytics

We live in a digital world. As individuals,  every aspect of our life has been affected, with the use of digital technology. It helps us communicate, travel and relax. This digitalisation of daily life has led to an explosion in the creation and storage of data. Data describes our shopping habits, travel patterns, and even social interactions and it is increasing exponentially as digital technology continues to get more and more sophisticated.

Descriptive Analytics with Power-BI

Descriptive analytics with Power-BI focusses on managing the raw data from your organization and extracting the most useful information from it. The purpose of descriptive analytics with Power-BI is to provide a summary and description of the data in a way that your key decision-makers in your organization can understand and process.