UIBScloud release notes

Latest version:
2021 - Release 1

UIBScloud release notes

2021 - Release 1

  • Tags and filters are available for News items, Page items and Commerce items
  • SMS campaigns through UIBSces integrated with UIBScrm
  • Dynamic email templates

2020 - Release 1

  • New security improvements
  • Server upgrades

2019 - Release 1.1 

UIBScloud is now running on latest .NET 4.8 framework

2019 - Release 1

  • New dramatic look of dark mode which helps you focus right on your content
  • Search consistent throughout the pages
  • Optimized and new friendly look for call to action buttons and links
  • Changed button and link color on press to give more prominence to actions in layouts with a lot of varying content
  • Change button positions and links where users can easily find them or expect to see
  • New right bar with account details and support section
  • Added breadcrumbs on top of each page for user orientation, one of the basic user centric design principles
  • Simplified terminology text
  • Improve consistency in font sizes and font types
  • Optimized main menu with new helpful categorization
  • Ability to collapse the main menu for larger work space
  • New linear and legible icons
  • Integrated modern page builder editor