Latest version:
2023 - Release 1

UIBScloud release notes

2023 - Release 1.0

June, 2023


This release includes a brand new style editor tool under "Administration" section.

The style editor is a simple text editor inside the UIBScloud. platform. It allows users to customize website's theme files to achieve their desired appearance and functionality. For example, attaching an additional sidebar, making the website mobile-friendly, or embedding custom styles.

2022 - Release 2.2

December 12, 2022


The new version included a new tab in ADMIN menu "PMS connection" where admin users can check profiles and reservation synchronizations between all connected systems (web channel manager and inhouse PMS).

2022 - Release 2.1

September, 2022


The UIBScloud. platform R2.1 includes a new, fluent design UI improvement.

Over the next releases UIBScloud. platform will receive several new UI improvements based on the modern Fluent design framework.

The new Fluent design UI is a cross-platform and will enhance a fast, productive and engaging experience across our product line offering:

  • Better accessibility
  • Internationalization
  • Performance improvement
  • Native Microsoft Edge browser app desktop and mobile cross-platform experience.

2022 - Release 2

September 19, 2022


The UIBScloud. hospitality platform R2.0 includes a new re-imagined UX.

Features relating to setting up-up and managing all aspects of the property will be optimized and easier to use for:

  • Property
  • Room
  • Rate
  • Availability
  • Occupancy
  • Inventory
  • Restrictions

All features are crafted to align with the latest version of OpenTravel Standardization.

2022 - Release 1.2

April 27, 2022


  • Display Current Year Agent tiles instead of total
  • Display room type code in Rates and Availability grid
  • New full screen room types listing page that can be found when RoomType link is clicked in Rates and Availability

2022 - Release 1

February 02, 2022 - Hospitality platform


  • Modernized login screen
  • Enhanced news section with latest news and releases

July 21, 2022 - Automotive platform


  • Breadcrumb addition
  • Pages modernization
  • Optimize UX on setup enquiries
  • Optimize UX on manage enquiries

September 19, 2022 - Maritime platform


  • Breadcrumb addition
  • Pages modernization

2021 - Release 2

November 29, 2021


  • New modern user profile page with tabs
  • Archive business categories, rate groups, rate categories, hotel rates with the ability to revert back through the new setup page
  • New enhanced email configuration settings for smtp servers to include secure encrypted


  • e-Commerce enhancement addresses a user case scenario when “Necessary order details on Emails for property and guest like the items requested, date requested and quantity are missing”


  • Fix error messages when Rooms Open/Close functionality is used. If the process fails, then a failed message will display in status page
  • Removed duplicated logos on order cancellation email

2021 - Release 1

  • Tags and filters are available for News items, Page items and Commerce items
  • SMS campaigns through UIBSces integrated with UIBScrm
  • Dynamic email templates
  • Highlight option available on News Items
  • Available custom segment groups for guest preferences
  • Updated guest profile including previous reservation details

2020 - Release 2


  • Modular Based CMS system- re use modules all over site
  • Distinguish modular based properties with standard cms items


  • Same URL Rewrites on group site websites
  • Filter tags on CMS page items and new items
  • Filter tags on Commerce engine
  • Edit in Resources/files where before was locked
  • Room items page - Add extra input fields to support extra content on hotel room pages
  • Guest page - Quotations are displayed in a new tab now instead of bookings
  • Add extra caption fields on Page item image page to support extra information


  • Automatic redirection from non url rewrite to existing one
  • Add missing rates on Year to Date direct Bookings
  • Fixed Cancel bookings smtp issue on specific bookings

2020 - Release 1

March 20, 2020


  • New security improvements


  • Server upgrades

2019 - Release 1.1

November 22, 2019


UIBScloud is now running on latest .NET 4.8 framework

2019 - Release 1

March 18, 2019


  • New dramatic look of dark mode which helps you focus right on your content
  • Search consistent throughout the pages
  • New right bar with account details and support section
  • Added breadcrumbs on top of each page for user orientation, one of the basic user centric design principles
  • Ability to collapse the main menu for larger work space
  • New linear and legible icons
  • Integrated modern page builder editor


  • Optimized and new friendly look for call to action buttons and links
  • Changed button and link color on press to give more prominence to actions in layouts with a lot of varying content
  • Change button positions and links where users can easily find them or expect to see
  • Simplified terminology text
  • Improve consistency in font sizes and font types
  • Optimized main menu with new helpful categorization