UIBScrm. customer relationship management

Latest version:
2023 - Release2

UIBScrm release notes

2023 - Release 2.0


Introducing the latest product release of UIBScrm. customer relationship management, designed to elevate your business's customer service and satisfaction. With innovative features and enhanced capabilities, this release brings a dynamic addition to manage: “Special Requests,”,complemented by email alerts for each profile update.

2023 - Release 1.0


New functionality on "Custom fields" to enable users to select custom fields per property. This feature will revolutionize your property management workflows, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization within your UIBScrm. system.

2022 - Release 1.0


  • Enhanced custom fields to feature dynamic multilingual translations

2021 - Release 2.0

July 15, 2021


  • Enhanced email configuration settings for smtp servers to include secure encrypted


  • Removed duplicated logos on order cancellation email

2021 - Release 1.0

March 03, 2021


  • SMS campaigns through UIBSces integrated with UIBScrm.
  • Dynamic email templates
  • Available custom segment groups for guest preferences
  • Updated guest profile including previous reservation details

2020 - Release 1.0

May 11, 2020


  • Improvements on profile activity section
  • Different Pre arrival and welcome letters for family bookings or adults only


  • Improvements on profile activity section
  • Fix bug on deletion guest profile

2019 - Release 2.0

November 13, 2019


  • Optimize server performance and speed improvements on UIBScrm PMS profile messages log.
  • UI improvements on Guest profile – all sections are now converted into a tab functionality

2019 - Release 1.0

April 04, 2019


  • Optimize server performance and speed improvements on UIBScrm PMS profile messages log.
  • Load only the active page view at a time thus reducing the loading and rendering time of the page.
  • Reduce time necessary to process actions and allows you to handle millions of records within a few seconds.

2018 - Release 2.1

October 10, 2018


  • New tiles on dashboard showing the total guests, marketing consents and privacy consents
  • Guest profile now features Dieteray preferences including dietary Types, Allergies or any other dietary needs the guest may have.

2018 - Release 2.0

August 01, 2018


  • New UIBScrm functionality that allows dynamic setup of unlimited type of enquiries. The new feature allows to manage unlimited relationships between enquiry types, enquiry subjects and recipient emails with unlimited combinations.
  • New CAPTHCA protection on enquiry from has been added
  • Restrictions on date selection for speed performance


  • The new UIBScrm GDPR module has been enhanced with following functionality:
    • Fully integrated with PMS that includes a wealth of data fields that states the client’s preferences and consents
    • The GDPR module is extended to support the client’s consented activity from multiple sources and retains up-to-date profile status so that the organization is always compliant with the client
    • Client profile and credit card can be anonymized
    • Automated reports to show GDPR status are now sent to DPOs and can be customized
  • Enhanced cancellation email with more details such as client name and arrival date

2018 - Release 1.0

May 02, 2018


  • UIBScrm is fully synced to Theovas PMS offering you an updated guest profile on both systems with PMS bookings and with additional guest information: company, company ID, blacklisted, gender, marital status, profession, nationality, visits, room nights, accommodation, extras and folio
  • UIBScrm now features custom lists and fields which are applied to checkout page, profile page and admin profile
  • Guest profile is now synced with front-end profile, checkout page and PMS
  • Email activity is now captured on guest profile
  • Another new feature is the addition of a new guest from back-end
  • Profile creation from all forms in front-end (e.g. Contact Form, Restaurant Enquiry, Family Form)
  • Profile creation for accompanied guests during the checkout process
  • Accompanied children data and relationships are captured
  • UIBScrm is now GDPR compliant. Capture user’s data privacy & mailing permission and profile recent activity. Also users are now able to edit or export their data
  • Synced with UIBSces Customer Engagement System
  • Synced with UIBSrepute Survey System


  • UI fixes have been applied to improve usability

2016 - Release 1.0

February 22, 2016


  • Fully synced to Theovas PMS offering you an updated guest profile on both systems.
  • Guest profile now features Dieteray preferences including dietary Types, Allergies or any other dietary needs the guest may have.
  • Features Loyalty Club module which includes the following fields member since, membership status, revenue spent, points collected and points redeemed.
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Guest profile picture is now supported which will allow guests to share their picture and update their guest profile.
  • Guests will now be able to login with Facebook.
  • Track every single guest email whether it is a Pre-arrival, Welcome, Post departure, Wedding anniversary, Birthday or a simple contact us email.
  • Features Recent Activity Log module which will allow you to keep track the activity of your guests.


  • Supports guest relationships such as Spouse, Child, Partner, Colleague, Other, Sibling etc
  • Newsletter signups which lists the Guests that signup for the Newsletter.
  • Reputation module allows you to integrate with the following survey systems (UIBS Survey, Review Pro, Howazit)
  • Fully synced with UIBSOpenTable customer profiles


  • Minor UI fixes have been applied.

2014 - Release 2.0

October 20, 2014


  • The dashboard now shows correct data when "All Hotels" is selected.

2014 - Release 1.0

March 17, 2014



  • The latest CRM & CRS information.
  • Guest Pipeline charts.
  • The latest Activities on the website.

Guest Profile

  • Booking information.
  • Integrated UiBSinbox information.
  • Integrated UiBSsurvey information.
  • A full History of all emails sent to the Guest.
  • A full History of all emails received from the Guest (from contact forms on the website).
  • A full History of all online Bookings made by the Guest.
  • Spouse and children information can now be added.
  • And you can even upload a photo of the Guest

Guest-related Reports

  • Newsletter Subscribers.
  • Registrations.
  • Bookings.
  • Receipts.
  • Pre-Arrivals.
  • Welcome.
  • Post-Departures.
  • Birthday Cards.
  • Anniversary Cards.
  • Guest Emails.
  • Hotel Emails.