UIBScms. content management system

Latest version:
2021 - Release 1

UIBScms release notes

2021 - Release 1

  • Tags and filters are available for News items, Page items and Commerce items
  • SMS campaigns through UIBSces integrated with UIBScrm
  • Dynamic email templates
  • Highlight option available on News Items
  • Available custom segment groups for guest preferences
  • Updated guest profile including previous reservation details

2020 - Release 2 | In development

  • Native Azure CDN Content Delivery Service with UIBScms
  • Native image optimization and resizing
  • Build-in advanced CSS editor
  • Build-in in advanced HTML and CSS email template editor


2020 - Release 1
  • Update text editor to support Greek characters


2019 - Release 2

We are excited to announce the integration with Google Optimize for all our UIBScms enterprise edition customers. UIBScms with Google Optimize offers out of the box the following experience scenarios:

  • Engage your website visitors like never before. Create personalized experiences and test what works best
  • Use your Analytics site data to quickly and easily identify problem areas, then turn those insights into action to deliver an online experience that works best for your customers
  • Make changes, test and analyze your results with native statistical reporting built on your Analytics data
  • Powerful capabilities let you focus on specific user segments to deliver better, more personalized experiences to your customers
  • Quickly test different variations of your website, focus your experiment to your Google Ads, and see what works best for your customers


2019 - Release 1
  • Introducing page builder.
  • Page builder allows you to create and manage the content of your site directly in the UIBScms administration interface.
  • Preview directly the look and feel of your page prior to publishing
  • Add content directly from the page builder page
  • Updated media library – drag-and-drop, upload and edit your files in an easy two steps process
  • Dynamic image editor
    • Enable user to quickly utilize the various tools of the image editor via keyboard stroke combinations
    • Zoom functionality on image editor - ability to zoom the edited image with a Zoom toolbar options as well as with the Alt + mouse wheel combination
    • Flip or Rotate the image on image editor
    • Undo/Redo actions on image editor which can saves all the operations so each change performed on the image can be reverted or re-applied again
    • Resize/crop functionality on image editor with the ability to add customized new dimensions available for selection
    • Insert text and drawings on image via image editor
    • Enable filter effects to quickly edit your image


2018 - Release 1
  • Improved security on file explorer
  • Resolved several issues related to charts
  • Implemented one of the most highly anticipated features for the chart control: defining position for axis labels
  • Japanese character has been removed when typing over selection in IE11
  • URL rewrites now available for page items for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Enable captions on images
  • Edit content on guest engagement emails
  • Performance improvements and improved stability


2017 - Release 2
  • Improved accessibility on tables
  • Allow keyboard navigation for context menu of grid column
  • Enabled remember me option in the Login screen
  • The File Explorer delete button is enabled only if the selected item's parent folder can be deleted


2016 - Release 1

  • Creating and Formatting Text, Paragraphs, Lists, Tables and More
  • Hyperlink and Image Managers
  • Document, Flash, Media and Other Managers
  • Multiple Paste and Format Stripping Options
  • Inline AJAX Spell Check
  • Accessible, XHTML-Compliant Output
  • Design, HTML and Preview Modes
  • Statistics, Tag and Properties
  • Inspectors and Real-Time HTML Modules
  • Export to PDF, RTF and Markdown
  • Track Changes and Use Comments in Collaboration
  • Multi-Level Undo/Redo with Action Trails
  • Full Page HTML Editing
  • Context Menus
  • Different Toolbar Modes
  • Support for IFrame or Div Content Area
  • High Level of Customization
  • Rich Client-Side and Server-Side APIs
  • Accessibility, Standards
  • Compliance and Localization
  • Visual Studio Integration and Design-Time Support
  • Performance
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Mobile Support