UIBSces. customer engagement system

Latest version:
2023 - Release 1

UIBSces release notes

Version 2023 - Release 1.0


UIBSces. customer engagement system includes a new, fluent design UI improvement.

Over this release UIBSces. will receive several new UI improvements based on the modern Fluent design framework.

The new Fluent design UI is a cross-platform and will enhance a fast, productive and engaging experience across our product line offering:

  • Better accessibility
  • Internationalization
  • Performance improvement


2022 - Release 1

  • New segment queries for online booking date ranges
  • Enabled Export for segmentation from Lists or while sending a campaign
  • Fix bug Re-enabled exporting under Lists from Find-Export subscribers


2021 - Release 1

  • SMS campaigns through UIBSces integrated with UIBScrm
  • Share new updates fast and easy with your guest by sending an SMS
  • A new tab is available under guest profile to include all data for SMS campaign that can be delivered and sync with UIBSces – same as email campaigns.


2020 - Release 1

  • Added new market field segment
  • Imported new market field segments
  • Set tiny URL on unsubscribe links
  • Set default delivery format to HMTL
  • Fix bug with duplicate contacts prior sending the newsletter


2018 - Release 1
  • Full two-way integration with UIBScrm / UIBScrs / PMS reservations system and tour operators system
  • Real time subscriber preferences are now synched to UIBScrm profile card
  • GDPR compliancy engine with specific options to indicate the user’s consent for privacy communication etc
  • New dashboard offering single view of subscribers, unsubscribers, engagement analytics and more
  • View your subscriber’s activity and action in UIBScrm as they interact from multiple mailing accounts
  • Enhanced reports with new filters such as email address


2017 - Release 1

Customer engagement platform allowing user to send targeted trackable and secure email campaigns to their clients in four clicks.

  • Includes template driven html5 designs
  • Segmented markets based on ERP, PMS, CRM and other data sources.
  • Reusability of segmented mailing lists for future campaigns with a single click