UIBStable. restaurant reservations system

Latest version:
2021 - Release 2

UIBStable release notes

2022 - Release 2

July 18, 2022


This release includes an API with over 100 entity calls and is now released. 

  • Build to enable ePOS, PMS, CRM, CALLER ID VOICE systems to update reservations and guest details.
  • Secure JSON dedicated endpoint per tenant
  • GET information and supplement business processes by staying relevant with GDPR policies and guest
  • Pass authentication HTTPS header value to endpoint to include information.
  • Continues technology updates under SaaS model

2022 - Release 1

February 18, 2022


  • Customer notes and reservation notes now displayed at the bottom of the main screen
  • Customer history option now available
  • Added customer notes box to the reservation details screen


  • Fixed "no show" green tick missing on Status list settings screen
  • Room Tabs now reflect correct guest numbers

2021 - Release 2.2

July 18, 2021


  • Integration with Caller ID VOIP systems allowing the incoming call to be displayed on the screen along with the associated customer as shown below.
  • The call list is displayed in the lower left part of the screen
  • The incoming call pops up in the centre of the screen giving information about the calling customer.


2021 - Release 2

  • New dashboard to display Table Reservations
  • Updated guest profile including previous reservation details
  • Fixed and improved design to the reservation list to avoid reservations confusions
  • Fixed and optimized the reservation search screen performance
  • Fixed to display the name for walk-ins
  • Integrating with Caller ID VOIP systems

2021 - Release 1

  • Fixes on merging profile
  • Updated version of iOS app
  • Updated version of Android app


2020 - Release 1
  • Improvements on “Waiting list” management
  • Fixes on duration times
  • New floorplan designer view


2019 - Release 1
  • Waiting list guests can now be converted to actual guests without re-entering their details
  • Booking confirmation emails are now enabled under the Settings -> Email Settings screen
  • Audit logs are created for all user actions
  • Pop up notes are displayed only once. A new notification link under the calendar is activated in case a popup is suppressed and a user would like to view more than once


2018 - Release 2
  • Fixed "out of range" exception which could occur when displaying popup notes
  • Fixed "verified email" error where the sender email wasn't being populated correctly
  • Fixed issues with saving of reservation status colours
  • Fixed error message which could popup on the Reservation Chart
  • Fixed "off by 1" error with deposit config dates
  • Fixed bug with saving "one-off" time overrides
  • Server optimisations for sending emails
  • Removed "bottle neck" code on server related to email templates
  • Enabled 3dSecure on booking widget and email link
  • Online widget now tracks it's source/host website
  • Fixed "delete reservation" function
  • Fixed issue where deleted reservations were being returned in the reservation list
  • Optimized saving of reservations on the server
  • Fixed issue with refreshing usernames on login screen
  • Other minor fixes and code improvements


2018 - Release 1
  • Re-designed email settings screen with several fixes and improvements
  • Redesigned the standard email template list screen
  • Added deposit reminder template
  • Removed API postback when a reservation is updated via the API
  • Fixed HTTP 500 issue with reservation API
  • Fixed updating of deposit label for selected reservation
  • Fixed issue with customer reservation history sorting
  • Fixed "Access violation" when saving a reservation with no selected time
  • Fixed "Cannot Focus" error when clicking on the "Edit Notes" button
  • Fixed error which occured when a " symbol was entered into the customer/reservation search
  • Fixed "verify email" function on email settings screen
  • Other minor fixes
  • Added "Deposit Received" template
  • Restaurant now notified when a deposit is paid.
  • Fixed "find reservation" error when invalid characters entered.