UIBScrs. agents reservations system

Latest version:
2022 - Release 2.1

UIBScrs agents reservations quotation system relea

2022 - Release 2.1

September 19, 2022


  • Extended discount calculation functionality will be released.
  • Amend quotation default expiry date from 72 hours to 24 hours.


  • Percentage discount for prices with 4 digits and/or more.


2022 - Release 2

  • Apply discount for the room per percentage or per amount
  • View details of the rooms
  • View room type code
  • New 'Available rooms' label

2022 - Release 1

  • Application promoted to a discrete Azure IaaS cloud environment
  • Loading performance improved by 300%
    • Re-imagined UX to include an intuitive agent centric interface to remove mouse and keyboard hurdles
      and offer the best experience to the reservations or call centre expert
    • Clear navigation bar
    • Consistent colour visual cues
    • Shorter “look to book” flow
    • Optimal data input positioning
    • Optimal multi-property multi-room combination screens that would take hours to build by hand
  • New Inventory functionality
    • Native integration with UIBScrs common availability inventory pool
    • Two-way integration with RateGain global distribution system for single source of truth on availability and rates synchronization
    • Up-to-date insights into guest history, loyalty status, and preferences
    • New extended digital notes and custom messages

2021 - Release 1

  • New modern user profile page with tabs


2020 - Release 1

  • Add guest title before sending a quotation


2019 - Release 1

  • Include on hotelier quotation confirmation email the payment method
  • New setting on agents back end section where you can easily edit and specify the rates you would like to use company field during checkout process
  • Add meal plan selection on quotation email and guest profile “my stays”


2018 - Release 3

  • Agents are now able to apply discounts during the process of sending a new quotation to a client
  • New option to select the payment type - credit card, credit card guarantee and bank transfer


2018 - Release 2

  • Increase number of room selection to 6
  • Added a special note on quotation emails
  • Added expiration date
  • Send an email quotation expiry reminder to client
  • Accept 0.00 price booking. Reservation is not passing from JCC and marked as manual payment booking
  • Option to send a JCC link for payment during agents booking process


2018 - Release 1

  • New revolutionary agents module to allow full automated digital process of the guest quotation workflow into one unified solution:
    • Searching of available room and rates
    • Sending custom email document design per hotel with terms and conditions
    • Allow guests to book their quoted rooms in one click with credit card.