UIBScrs. central reservations system v.2023 - R2.6

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Version 2023 - Release 2.6


  • Add bulk availability for multiple rates
  • Add bulk availability for multiple rooms


  • New enhanced calendar

Bulk edit - empowers you to modify availability for multiple rates and room types in one swift and efficient process. Whether you're opening up rooms during a busy season or temporarily closing them for maintenance, our feature streamlines the entire experience.

Key Features:

  • Multi-rate compatibility: Customize the availability for various rates simultaneously. Whether you offer standard, premium, or special promotional rates, it's a breeze to maintain consistency across the board.
  • Room type flexibility: Manage availability for different room types effortlessly. From cozy singles to luxurious suites, you can adjust availability in a way that suits your unique offerings.
  • Open or Close with ease: Whether you're looking to make rooms available to guests or temporarily close them, the Bulk Availability feature ensures a smooth and seamless process. Say goodbye to the hassle of toggling individual room statuses.

Bulk availability

Bulk open/close