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Version 2023 - Release 2.5


Copy rates – the ultimate time-saving feature that streamlines your rate management process like never before!

Are you tired of tediously entering the same rates year after year, month after month? Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficiency with Copy rates.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless rate replication: With Copy rates, you can effortlessly duplicate your existing rates for any selected date range. Whether you're setting rates for the upcoming year or replicating past pricing structures, this feature makes it a breeze.
  • Time-efficient: No more spending hours copying and pasting rates for every individual date. Our feature allows you to copy rates across multiple days, weeks, or months, ensuring that you can allocate your precious time to more strategic tasks.
  • Accuracy guaranteed: Avoid human errors associated with manual rate entry. Copy rates ensures that your pricing remains consistent and error-free, maintaining your reputation for reliability and professionalism.
  • Customization options: Tailor the copied rates to your exact specifications. You can easily adjust copied rates or apply modifications to suit your evolving business needs while still leveraging the foundation of your existing rates.
  • Full date range control: Flexibility is key. Whether you want to copy rates for a specific month, quarter, or the entire year, the choice is yours. Our intuitive interface allows you to select your desired date range effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Keep track of rate changes with detailed reporting and auditing tools. This feature ensures transparency and accountability in your rate management processes.

How it Works:

1. Select the date range you want to replicate rates for.

2. Choose the source rates you wish to copy.

3. Apply any necessary adjustments or modifications.

4. Confirm and watch as Copy rates effortlessly populates your chosen date range with the selected rates.