UIBScrs. central reservations system v.2015 - R1.0

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Version 2015 - Release 1

June 19, 2015


  • Hotel Closed Dates message field length has been increased up to 500 chars.
  • Hotel Closed Dates message now uses rich text editor for editing the text.
  • Failed Payments/Bookings. Online failed transactions are now emailed and captured under Central Reservations section.
  • UI (User Interface) improvements when selecting rates, rooms or meal plans
  • Meal plans description field can now be edited using the rich text editor.
  • Meal plans description is now multilingual.
  • Meal plans types now accept validations (min nights)
  • The Bookings report (CRS > Hotel Bookings) now includes number of nights. When viewing the booking totals grid at the bottom, a new row is added showing the number of nights.
  • Alerts (emails) functionality is now added in ADMIN which emails-alerts the CRS manager when the last room is booked. A new tile (unread alerts) will appear in the CRS dashboard showing the today's unread alerts *Changes are required in the Front end for this to be activated.
  • UIBScrs has been optimized to offer better content management in terms of speed.
  • UIBScrs can now connect to Theova PMS and retrieve past, future or in house reservations.