UIBScrm. customer relationship management v.2016 - R1.0

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Version 2016 - Release 1

February 22, 2016


  • Fully synced to Theovas PMS offering you an updated guest profile on both systems.
  • Guest profile now features Dieteray preferences including dietary Types, Allergies or any other dietary needs the guest may have.
  • Features Loyalty Club module which includes the following fields member since, membership status, revenue spent, points collected and points redeemed.
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Guest profile picture is now supported which will allow guests to share their picture and update their guest profile.
  • Guests will now be able to login with Facebook.
  • Track every single guest email whether it is a Pre-arrival, Welcome, Post departure, Wedding anniversary, Birthday or a simple contact us email.
  • Features Recent Activity Log module which will allow you to keep track the activity of your guests.


  • Supports guest relationships such as Spouse, Child, Partner, Colleague, Other, Sibling etc
  • Newsletter signups which lists the Guests that signup for the Newsletter.
  • Reputation module allows you to integrate with the following survey systems (UIBS Survey, Review Pro, Howazit)
  • Fully synced with UIBSOpenTable customer profiles


  • Minor UI fixes have been applied.