PowerBI & Analytics reports release notes

Latest version: 2020 - Release 1

PowerBI & Analytics reports release notes
2020 - Release 1
  • New reports based on YTD formula per Bookings, Revenue or Room nights


2018 - Release 1
  • Extended KPIs
  • Sales overview reports, client engagement, google analytics, CRM, revenue and geographical information


2016 - Release 2
  • UIBS introduces PowerBI technologies integrated with google analytics and UIBSship CRM solution


2016 - Release 1
  • New enhanced Room Availability report (Reports > Available Rooms) which displays initial available rooms, remaining rooms, room statuses as well as hotel closed dates on a monthly basis.
  • Minor UI fixes have been applied.
  • New referrer report which allows you to view the initial website the booking/reservation came from.


2014 - Release 2
  • The Guest/Repeater reports now include the date the Guest account was created.


2014 - Release 1
  • The "Month" chart now includes extra Types - "Line (by Month)" and "Line (by Hotel)".
  • The "All Bookings" report now includes the Hotel name.