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Version 2023 - Release 2.0


This update aims to provide our valued guests with an intuitive and visually appealing way to manage their profiles and access personalized features. Read on to discover the key highlights of this release.

Modern & Refreshed design:

We have completely revamped the guest profile layout, incorporating a fresh and modern design aesthetic. The new interface showcases a clean and visually engaging look, ensuring that our guests enjoy a visually pleasing and seamless experience while navigating through their profiles.

Enhanced profile management:

The updated guest profile functionality allows users to easily manage and update their personal information, preferences, and communication settings. From a centralized dashboard, guests can effortlessly modify their contact details, update their communication preferences, and customize their profile settings according to their preferences.

Personalization options:

We understand the importance of providing personalized experiences. To cater to this need, we have introduced new customization options within the guest profile. Guests can now tailor their profiles to reflect their individual preferences, such as selecting preferred themes, layout styles, or avatar images. These personalization options allow our guests to truly make their profiles their own.

Streamlined navigation:

Our enhanced guest profile layout incorporates a user-friendly and intuitive navigation structure. With simplified menus and clearly labeled sections, guests can effortlessly access the various features and settings within their profiles. This streamlined navigation ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, allowing guests to find what they need quickly and easily.

Improved account security:

We prioritize the security of our guests' information. In this release, we have implemented enhanced security measures to safeguard their data and privacy. These measures include strengthened password requirements, optional two-factor authentication, and increased encryption protocols to provide our guests with peace of mind while using our platform.

Mobile-Responsive design:

Recognizing the importance of mobile devices in our guests' lives, we have optimized the new guest profile layout for mobile responsiveness. This means that guests can conveniently access and manage their profiles on the go, using their smartphones or tablets. The responsive design ensures a seamless experience, regardless of the device being used.