UIBStable. restaurant reservations system v.2018 - R1.0

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Version 2018 - Release 1

May 05, 2018


Find out a new what's new on UIBSopentable, our restaurant table booking system.

  • Re-designed email settings screen with several fixes and improvements
  • Redesigned the standard email template list screen
  • Added deposit reminder template
  • Removed API postback when a reservation is updated via the API
  • Added "Deposit Received" template
  • Restaurant now notified when a deposit is paid.
  • Other minor fixes


  • Fixed HTTP 500 issue with reservation API
  • Fixed updating of deposit label for selected reservation
  • Fixed issue with customer reservation history sorting
  • Fixed "Access violation" when saving a reservation with no selected time
  • Fixed "Cannot Focus" error when clicking on the "Edit Notes" button
  • Fixed error which occured when a " symbol was entered into the customer/reservation search
  • Fixed "verify email" function on email settings screen
  • Fixed "find reservation" error when invalid characters entered.