UIBStable restaurant reservations

Bookings 24 hours a day

Let clients book online 24 hours a day. More bookings equal more profit. In addition, save time spent answering calls and replying to emails.

Increase your sales

Our advanced reservation templates are designed to help you earn more. Control restaurant kitchen load during busy periods.

Improve your service

Receive feedback from your client’s last visit. Improve your restaurant’s quality, get more clients, and more repeat customers. More sales

Grow your client database

Automatically add your clients to Mailchimp. Market your restaurant to valuable clients and gain repeat sales.

Simple to setup
Powerful Tool

An easy to use installer for your table booking system.

  • Multiple Restaurants
  • Booking Statistics
  • Multilingual Interface

Simple to use
Powerful features

Designed by people expert in the restaurant business, our table booking system is incredibly simple and quick to use.

  • Email Reports
  • Cloud Technology
  • Special Offers
  • Easy & Quick Setup
  • Reservation Cancellations

Unique & Authentic

Full customisation based on your restaurant brand. Your colors, your photos, your identity, your website.