UIBSrepute. survey system

Latest versions: 2023 - Release 1
UIBSrepute release notes

Version 2023 - Release 1

February 07, 2023


SelectSurvey.NET v5: Recently Added Features (Version v5.037.004)

  • Added 15 new responsive theme templates
  • New email triggers in take survey workflow and ActiveLogic.
  • New completion date range report filters for data exports
  • New user role that can only edit surveys.
  • New bulk email de-activation page.
  • Added 25 new custom report filters.
  • Added minimum character length to open ended one line question type options on edit page.
  • Added filename format to custom report review list.
  • Added CC option to ActiveLogic email list single email with everyone in to field.
  • Added page break option on individual response print all page
  • Added tracking of modify survey history
  • Added visio vsd,vsdx,pptx files to accepted file types to magic number check.
  • Added logging to track who clears responses to error log in admin tools.
  • Added additional custom text for "survey not live" to the survey options
  • Added ability to choose pixels or percent on comments box width on edit item page
  • Added new methods to API for salesforce lightening component
  • Added fonts to font picker
  • Added minutes and seconds to timer feature
  • Added search box for admin search of files uploaded to file system.
  • Added survey timer timed out message text to survey options custom text page
  • Allow token rendering in email trigger conditions
  • Added opt out export and manual add buttons
  • Added opt out delete of test opt outs
  • Added search feature to edit folder page
  • Added ability to change decline text from survey options on all pages, buttons, validation.
  • Added Order Answers Alphabetically button to edit item page.
  • Added validation option to AD login to prevent email address
  • Added option to export empty responses
  • Automatically clear other textbox when radio button or checkbox deselected
  • Added force password reset days
  • New Choice One answer smiley question type.
  • Added search to email list
  • Feature to put new copied survey into the users default folder if they have one
  • Feature to automatically set user to not active if active until date feature is on and date has passed
  • Added template selection option on create survey page.
  • Update new templates to set size of text in input boxes and dropdowns
  • New feature for moving item answers up and down
  • New bulk zip download feature
  • Added file system file management button
  • Added automatic saving of last data export settings on each export.
  • Fix for rich text box validation mode of open ended comments box
  • Update for Active Directory group owners restriction configuration
  • Update for Active Directory group owners
  • update for matrix single choice options skip conditions for equals operator with multiple conditions in single group
  • Added right to left text template
  • Fix for international dates converting to user time preferences in export
  • Added help text for right and left text for matrix rating scale slider
  • Update Workfront API from v6 to v9 per Workfront API release
  • Updated peUpdated performance for hide conditions, page conditions, and pipe token rendering
  • Personal time zone preference to export
  • Added more translation of custom dashboard text
  • Added ability to customize service ticket text in custom dashboard
  • Added iphone, ipad, current browser previews to preview dropdown on modify survey page
  • Added more GDPR help text to application wide settings
  • Added custom dashboard settings to user preferences page
  • Added page conditions for new touch buttons question type.
  • Added multiple response resumable option
  • Added page condition inequality operators for number slider, touch slider, matrix rating scale and matrix rating scale slider
  • Added GDPR guidelines to create survey and deploy survey page
  • Added guided tour help

2020 - Release 1
  • General survey software information
  • Basic survey administration
  • Advanced survey administration