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The only CRM customization available

The only CRM customization available

For ship managements

UIBSmaritime Outlook Cloud CRM is distinguished by being extremely practical, easy to both learn and use whilst being realistically priced to meet today's tough economic environment. UIBSmaritime helps ship owners and managers in keeping tight control of costs and overheads through effective Ship and Shore based modules.

UIBS firmly believes that in an ever more complex world, Simplicity really is the Key to Success!

Through powerful proven software solutions delivered in an uncomplicated and reliable fashion, UIBSmaritime can help in the ongoing challenge of management process of your fleet.

Our product range covers:
  • Account, business contact and lead organizer
  • Project planning scheduler
  • Sales and offers management system
  • Vessel management system
  • Document management system
  • Reporting tools
Empowering teamwork

Empowering teamwork

with SharePoint

UIBSmaritime Outlook Cloud CRM with SharePoint is about giving you and the people you work with, a better way to get things done together. That means your content is stored and organized in one place. You can access it from virtually anywhere and share it with anyone. And that’s just the beginning. SharePoint gives you all kinds of ways to plan projects, stay in sync with each other, and work on content together. You also get a window into all of the information your organization stores in SharePoint, so it’s easy to find the answers you’re looking for.

Drive Opportunities from Inception to Closed-Won

For many ship management companies, the sales cycle can take weeks, months, or even longer. During this time, you’re building credibility with the potential customer, understanding his needs, performing competitive analyses, perhaps ship management samples, or writing detailed proposals and price quotes. These tasks may involve input from many different people, from technology experts to shipping, marketing, and finance people. You might also be working with subcontractors or vendors to help pull together the deal. And while each business will have different activities in their sales process, all can be complex, and they can be expensive. But, with UIBSmaritime you hold all the information in a single dashboard.

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Empowering teamwork

Our product is about giving you and the people you work with a better way to get things done together.