UIBScrs. central reservations system v.2023 - R2.3

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Version 2023 - Release 2.3


Powerful enhancement to our UIBScrs. Central reservation system - the ability to add custom terms and conditions, including cancellation policies, on top of promotions. This feature gives hoteliers unparalleled control over their promotions, ensuring a seamless and transparent booking experience for both guests and hotel management.

What's New: Custom Terms and Conditions for Promotions

With this latest update, you can now define unique terms and conditions for each promotion, tailoring them to suit your hotel's specific needs and ensuring that guests are fully aware of the terms associated with their bookings.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Tailored Cancellation Policies: Define cancellation rules specific to each promotion. Whether it's a non-refundable discount for early bird bookings or a more flexible cancellation policy for a seasonal promotion, you can set the terms that align perfectly with your promotional goals.
  • Promotion-Specific Terms: Provide clear guidelines for guests regarding the scope and applicability of each promotion. Outline any restrictions, eligibility criteria, booking periods, and other relevant details directly in the booking process.
  • Guest Transparency: By displaying customized terms and conditions during the booking journey, guests can review and accept them before confirming their reservations. This fosters transparency and helps prevent misunderstandings.
  • Enhanced Booking Control: Ensure that the terms associated with different promotions are consistently enforced across all booking channels, including your hotel website and third-party platforms.
  • Dynamic Updates: Modify the terms and conditions for promotions easily as per your hotel's evolving needs. The platform allows you to make real-time adjustments without the need for extensive IT support.
  • Multi-Lingual Support: Reach a global audience with our multi-lingual capabilities. Provide terms and conditions in multiple languages, catering to diverse guests from around the world.