UIBScrs. central reservations system v.2022 - R1.8

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Version 2022 - Release 1.8

September 21, 2022


A new feature is being rolled out that enables alerting hoteliers on abandoned or technical problems during credit card verification upon booking check-outs.

There are several “out-of-control” reasons for a failed booking delivery after check-out:

  • Credit Card clearing service may abandon transaction without issuing proper reason.
  • Lost Communication between clearing house and booking engine.
  • Technical issue on end user’s device especially in case of mobile data courier dependency (Non Wi-Fi)
  • End user may close browser or loose connection during Credit Card verification.

With the use of UIBScrs. pre-booking report and notification feature the hotelier will be receiving an automated alert with the guest details notifying that the booking was not completed successfully and will offer several online and offline options to book again depending on the issue.