UIBScrm. customer relationship management v.2018 - R2.0

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Version 2018 - Release 2

August 01, 2018


  • New UIBScrm functionality that allows dynamic setup of unlimited type of enquiries. The new feature allows to manage unlimited relationships between enquiry types, enquiry subjects and recipient emails with unlimited combinations.
  • New CAPTHCA protection on enquiry from has been added
  • Restrictions on date selection for speed performance


  • The new UIBScrm GDPR module has been enhanced with following functionality:
    • Fully integrated with PMS that includes a wealth of data fields that states the client’s preferences and consents
    • The GDPR module is extended to support the client’s consented activity from multiple sources and retains up-to-date profile status so that the organization is always compliant with the client
    • Client profile and credit card can be anonymized
    • Automated reports to show GDPR status are now sent to DPOs and can be customized
  • Enhanced cancellation email with more details such as client name and arrival date