UIBSclearing. PCI-DSS direct credit card payment system v.2020 - R1.0

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Version 2020 - Release 1

January 20, 2020


We have developed an out of band security and compatibility update for all UIBSclearing payment service to ensure the following new technologies are met by both the guests client devices and browsers as well as the server communication between the hosted severs and the payment clearing providers.

In detail, the following technology parts are updated:

  • Communication between the website and the guest’s device and browser to support the latest chrome and safari updates concerning – Google Chrome’s will phase out of third-party cookies and the use of user-agent strings (Cross-Site and Same-Site Cookie attributes) https://blog.chromium.org/2019/10/developers-get-ready-for-new.html
  • Back-End code provision to support the latest security updates for the communication between the Azure Hosting service that supports the websites as well as the end to end communication between the hosting service and the third party payment clearing service (JCC, PayPal, SIX, etc) with TLS 1.2 industry standard (from TLS 1.1) Standard. Both are compatible but it is expected the phasing out of TLS 1.1 in 2020.
  • Extended support for Apple IOS 12 versions that appear to have resiliency, as many iPhone users are not updating their iPhones to IOS 13. IOS 12 with Safari has a bug concerning the SameSite Cookie attribute that disallows modern websites from rendering in same cases https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=198181
  • Front end code provision to separate payment booking objects from payment object during the final checkout process. This is a new change to separate the 2 processes in order to provide the expected elasticity and data communication in case the communication between the third party payment clearing service and the guests browser is unavailable or disrupted for any reason during the check-out process and specifically after guests enters their credit card and press the confirm button.
    • With the new update the booking details are captured in regardless of the credit card clearing result
    • If the clearing service provides a confirmed response for available funds then the booking is marked/labeled with: Confirmed under Central Reservations>Bookings>Credit Card

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