UIBSclearing. PCI-DSS direct credit card payment system v.2019 - R1.0

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Version 2019 - Release 1

April 08, 2019


New validators, UI and UX improvements during payment process are now used to avoid human error and mistyping.


  • Valid credit card icons
  • Renamed credit card titles to reflect the actual content displayed on the physical card
  • Separated month and year with a slash ( / ) to avoid confusion of users on the UX
  • Renamed and changed front-end error validations and added new error validation on the valid through / expired date that was missing


  • Optimize back-end code to clear all credit card pre-set values to null
  • Optimize back-end code to check credit card digits
  • Introduce new code to validate:
    1. Credit card numbers
    2. Expiration dates
    3. Missing CVV/CV2
  • Most importantly we changed the expiration dates from being-preselected with current month and current year to be null and force the user to enter these dates accurately when any feature or update is changed on the check-out page prior to confirmation
  • Fixed a UX issue that although the credit card and CVV was persistent after a page refresh the expiration date was not persistent and it was defaulted back to current month and date without any visible element.

UIBSclearing 2019 - Release 1