UIBSopentable 2018 - Release 2

News & Case Studies

Our restaurant table booking system is now updated to a newer version with some major improvements and bug fixes.

  • Fixed "out of range" exception which could occur when displaying popup notes
  • Fixed "verified email" error where the sender email wasn't being populated correctly
  • Fixed issues with saving of reservation status colours
  • Fixed error message which could popup on the Reservation Chart
  • Fixed "off by 1" error with deposit config dates
  • Fixed bug with saving "one-off" time overrides
  • Server optimizations for sending emails
  • Removed "bottle neck" code on server related to email templates
  • Enabled 3dSecure on booking widget and email link
  • Online widget now tracks it's source/host website
  • Fixed "delete reservation" function
  • Fixed issue where deleted reservations were being returned in the reservation list
  • Optimized saving of reservations on the server
  • Fixed issue with refreshing usernames on login screen
  • Other minor fixes and code improvements