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Guest experience

90% of travelers worldwide say they expect a personalized experience when they book their holidays

Nowadays, people are looking for inspiration and unique traveling experiences on the web tailored to their needs. Personalization became the number one priority among the modern hospitality trends. The key for a successful unique experience for guests is to introduce customized offerings and services and to allow them to provide their preferences through an account-specific access. Recognition and assistance are another two factors that are very important for a traveler.

Taking into consideration the challenge in capturing the necessary data and not to violate the principles of GDPR personal privacy regulation, we are working on expanding our UIBS products to meet the ideal guest experience as it matters more in the decision-making process for a traveler during their booking.

How UIBS is enriching guest experience:

UIBScrm – customer relationship management system
  • A GDPR compliant customer profile engine allowing them to add their personal information, preferences and customize their stays
  • Customer engaging automatic sms and emails for every step of their journey – pre arrival, welcome, during stay, post departure

Guest experience

UIBScms – content management system
  • Integration with Google Optimize offering out of the box experience scenarios (Rolling out)
  • Personalization functionality allowing different personas to be created out of the box: Visitors, repeaters, first time guests, travel agents, families etc. (In development)
  • Introducing machine learning and AI - live chatbot simulating human conversation through commands

UIBSces – customer engagement system
  • Expanding existing segmentation functionality to allow users to decide how to serve specific personalized email campaigns to its audience based on UIBScms personalization functionality (In development)

Guest experience

UIBScommerce – online commerce system
  • Enhance guest experience by allowing them to add additional facilities to their stay – spa, wine tasting, excursions, kids facilities etc.

UIBStable – restaurant table reservation system
  • Guest can easily book their table at hotel restaurant online

Visit our release notes to keep you updated about our next releases.