Introducing UIBScrm dynamic email templates add-on module

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One of the main components of UIBScrm customer relationship management and UIBScrs central reservations system is the vast guest engagement email engine that provides integrated personalized emails. They contain the brand and details necessary to provide the right information at the right moment during the guest’s digital journey.

UIBS is proud to deliver UIBScrm dynamic email templates add-on module that provides end-customers the flexibility and freedom to amend and edit these vital communication points without any software development effort.

UIBScrm and UIBScrs users can logon to the portal navigate to the “Email Templates” and click on the amend button to amend the dynamic email templates.

This module is vital to allow the delivery of the best brand experience to your guests, add last-minute or ad-hock messages relating to the covid-19 situation, contain future promotions, insert click-to-action banners as well as support to communicate with your guest. Using the power of instant update this is major feature differentiator using specifically designed email templates that you can amend and enhance anytime compared to the generic most of the industry continues to use.

It will enhance your brand and marketing efforts to retrain a constant experience for your customers.

Platform Prerequisites

Customers running on UIBScloud Platform and are licensed for the latest UIBScrs 2020 Release 1 and UIBScrm 2020 Release 2 are eligible to upgrade to the new Add-on Module.

UIBScrm dynamic emails UIBScrm dynamic emails