45th Cyprus Hotel Summit & Exhibition

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UIBS | hospitality. presents its latest travel tech unified platform "Respectful to your Brand, Guest and Workforce".

UIBS | hospitality. is a technology solutions provider for the hospitality industry with over 25 years of experience. We work with independent hoteliers, global and regional chains, vacation and rental resorts and ultra-luxury property owners. We respect your Brand, your Guests, and your Workforce in everything we deliver. Our software runs on your own domain name, without redirections and delays, resulting in the highest look-to-book conversion rates and security conditions (visit our stand to demonstrate). Through our integrated Brand-driven website and Booking Engine design, our new AI-powered Channel Manager, and our professional services; we enable modern, completely personalized guest experiences, that maximize profitability, and encourage loyalty and repeatability for your Brand. UIBS | hospitality. delivers the highest look-to-book commission-free direct booking conversion rates and is trusted by your most demanding online guests.

👉 https://hospitality.uibs.net