CUT IXN 2021: Collaborate, Innovate, Pioneer


UIBS participated in the Industry Exchange Network (IXN) program organised by the Cyprus University of Technology and developed by the University College London.


The IXN provides a two-way opportunity for university students and partners to collaborate on live projects assigned by local and international industry partners.


UIBS assigned a project to create a new dedicated portal for hosting UIBS services’ documentation and learning materials for its clients and technology professionals. The goal was to consolidate, re-organize, present, and archive all this content in one unified website portal - that will act as a dashboard for all of these materials, presenting excellent information architecture qualities (layout, order or importance, proximity, segmentation of areas), as well as effective search capabilities in a user-friendly manner.


The other project was to design a new ‘Products and Licensing’ secure page (password-protected) that displays relevant and customized information for each purchaser of UIBS products, as a secure admin portal. The key parameters needed for licensing purposes are the Product name, logo, the licensing Status (i.e. renewed, paid, etc.), Edition, Version, activation date, expiration date, renewal date etc. This secure website should present key visual icons to communicate the status of the product’s licensing state at a glance in a dashboard-style home page. The website will also host key information, visuals, and guidance videos for each product, its latest release notes, and a special section for legal terms and conditions. Finally, the website will offer a renewal payment (communicated to the user based on visual cues) leading the user to the marketplace for purchasing assets through credit card payments.