Customer Relationship Management

Email Marketing Campaign

Send the right offer to the right client at the right time. Keep clients engaged, drive repeat business and fill need-periods.

Triggered E-Communications

Communicate important information, drive additional spend and invite client feedback.

Customer Satisfaction Program

Real-time feedback and metrics to help maintain client loyalty and retention with an integrated program.

Client Recognition

Build loyal relationships by recognizing, preparing for and servicing your clients.

Cloud-based System
Improve your profitability

  • Maximize client retention, client loyalty and client value.
  • Keep clients engaged from the moment they book with you, and beyond.
  • Automatic alerts and notification emails.
  • Drive incremental sales and potential clients to your website while improving client retention and recognition
Enhance their experience. Send a welcome message, recommending offers and drop them a personalised message by integrating with UIBSrepute

Modern CRM, A competitive advantage

Comprehensive, Integrated CRM for today’s business UiBScrm delivers a seamless customer experience across several sectors.