UIBScms New Release


Our objective is to ensure that all UIBS products are running error-free and the peak performance is vital. We know how important it is to create a consistent, satisfying experiences for our customers. High user expectations and steep competition make it essential to locate bugs and release new updates as quickly as possible.

New features and improvements are now introduced to our latest Content Management System UIBScms which includes:

  1. Easy to use and learn tools
  2. Unmatched Loading Speed and Performance
  3. HTML5 video banner
  4. Banner Caption option
  5. True Inline Editing with Spell-check enabled / call to action links
  6. Import any content directly from Microsoft Word
  7. Import image or document inside text editor
  8. Multilevel Undo/Redo
  9. Digital Asset Management
  10. Resource Manager restrictions for large media files
  11. New Image editor with enhanced features (crop/resize/rotate image)
  12. New CMS Designer role for Image editor permissions
  13. Quick search in Resource Manager files
  14. Quick search through sitemap pages
  15. Auto URL Rewrites based on page/page item title
  16. Centrally Manage Multiple Sites Content
  17. SEO Tools including Meta tags and URL rewrite/redirects
  18. Resend emails from admin with error recognition
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