UIBS at the 39th Annual Hotel Conference


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The new website provides an unparalleled presentation of all Hotels in a new unified section giving our members the chance to have a cohesive image as well as to promote all major cities and tourist attractions to support our product to returning and new guests.

The new website has been created from the ground up by UIBS United Business Solutions Ltd, a leader in online hotel and direct booking websites It has been designed in order to facilitate a user friendly application for mobile, phablets, tablets, desktop and other modern devices.

Most importantly the new website will give you the chance to sell your rooms in real time by managing the easy to use extranet provided by UIBS. At the same time, it will support your efforts to recapture your lost guest relationships. Both the above will have a direct benefit to your hotel’s profitability since your bookings will be increased at only a fraction of the commission fees you are already paying to the OTAs.

This is one of the first of 3 electronic and print communication letters that you will be receiving in regards to this topic. The next letter will include the delivery of your access to the extranet and the following will be an invitation to join our online and/or on location trainings at major cities that will provide more insight to our new join product.