HTML 5 - Elastic Web Design and Development


Why update to HTML5?

HTML 5 brings your website compelling multimedia advantages, no matter which browsers or devices your customers use. Don't risk missing out on the latest multimedia designs and features to attract and retain customers. HTML 5 offers a wealth of technical improvements, including:
  • Video, audio and animations that work – embedded media support so your multimedia content  works first time for all your customers.
  • Elastic code = mobile ready – no problems if your customers are using their phone or tablet to view your site.
  • Accessibility – HTML5 is the most accessible for your website.
  • Storage  – makes web apps easier as no third-party plug-ins are needed.
  • Games  – offers the ability to build games into your site.
  • Geolocation support – makes your customer's location available to browser-based apps.
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