What’s new in UIBScrm 2018


We are excited to announce our updated Customer Relationship Management system UIBScrm. A summary of some of the features in the release is available below.

  • UI fixes have been applied to improve usability
  • UIBScrm is fully synced to Theovas PMS offering you an updated guest profile on both systems with PMS bookings and with additional guest information: company, company ID, blacklisted, gender, marital status, profession, nationality, visits, room nights, accommodation, extras and folio
  • UIBScrm now features custom lists and fields which are applied to checkout page, profile page and admin profile
  • Guest profile is now synced with front-end profile, checkout page and PMS
  • Email activity is now captured on guest profile
  • Another new feature is the addition of a new guest from back-end
  • Profile creation from all forms in front-end (e.g. Contact Form, Restaurant Enquiry, Family Form)
  • Profile creation for accompanied guests during the checkout process
  • Accompanied children data and relationships are captured
  • UIBScrm is now GDPR compliant. Capture user’s data privacy & mailing permission and profile recent activity. Also users are now able to edit or export their data
  • Synced with UIBSces Customer Engagement System
  • Synced with UIBSrepute Survey System

We also encourage to download our brochure or visit our product page.