UIBScrs. add-on voice agents system v.2022 - R1

News & Case Studies


New Release

  • Application promoted to a discrete Azure IaaS cloud environment
  • Loading performance improved by 300%
    • Re-imagined UX to include an intuitive agent centric interface to remove mouse and keyboard hurdles
      and offer the best experience to the reservations or call centre expert
    • Clear navigation bar
    • Consistent colour visual cues
    • Shorter “look to book” flow
    • Optimal data input positioning
    • Optimal multi-property multi-room combination screens that would take hours to build by hand
  • New Inventory functionality
    • Native integration with UIBScrs common availability inventory pool
    • Two-way integration with RateGain global distribution system for single source of truth on availability and rates synchronization
    • Up-to-date insights into guest history, loyalty status, and preferences
    • New extended digital notes and custom messages
Product Description


  • UIBScrs add-on voice agents elevates the call center experience for guests and empowers reservations specialists and voice agents with modern tools that go beyond standard search and book functionality.
  • The new release drives conversion uplift and reduces reservation and quotation inquiries handle time by 80%.
  • UIBScrs add-on voice agents system empowers reservations specialists and agents to confidently service guests.
  • With an integrated common inventory pool and unified revenue strategy without requiring use of disparate systems properties encounter up to 80% reduction in processing time versus a PMS workflow.


  • Deliver the best guest experience
  • Minimize call handle time and deliver an unmatched personalized digital experience with automated email and SMS alerts and with guest recognition.

  • Set-up and implementation in minutes
    • Reduce training time and increase conversion with a modern UI design and intuitive agent workflow.

  • Complete CRM guest details without input
  • Boost data accuracy with real-time reservation updates and live, web-based integration with UIBScrs central reservations system in one screen.

  • Upsell easily with personalized packages and special discounts
    • Display guest profile information and enable personalized packages and special discounts for upselling to increase revenue per transaction.

  • Optimize productivity and credit card clearing security
  • Offer your guest a premium fully automated credit card clearing experience without taking credit cards over the phone. Dynamic modern automated email templates offer complete guest profile information, bedful consistent email templates with dynamics room, rates and images and videos and clear call for action buttons to confirm bookings and begin their digital journey to your property.

  • Facilitate a thorough digital travel management experience
    • Do more with itinerary bookings across dates, properties, multiple rooms, rates, guests, and packages. Supports unique multi property and room-rate scenarios allowing distinct dissimilar reservations, and collects the guest’s payment information for easy billing through click-from-email to credit card digital process.