UIBScfs Cloud For Financial Services

Security from the cloud
Cloud Financial Solution

UIBScfs is a joined partnership with SilverSky to provide cloud financial solution based on Microsoft Azure platform. UIBScfs is the ultimate leader in addressing both the compliance and security needs of enterprise customers. Its best-in-class data centers and processes, coupled with its extensive know-how in evolving compliance requirements, set it apart from its competitor.

UIBS | SilverSky mission is to make security easily available and affordable for all financial institutions in all parts of the world. UIBScfs’s centralized security is a complete end to-end solution. We provide the multi-layered technology, security engineers, data centers, bandwidth, disaster recovery, certifications, processes, and redundancies required for a complete security infrastructure.

Multi-Layered Technology

Our information security services networks of more than 1,800 financial institutions globally have been protected for more than 11 years.